London Greek Radio (Jingle 30K)


LGR House

437 High Road

London N12 0AP

Live Studio: 0871 224 4000 - Switch Board: 0871 288 1000 - Fax: 0208 349 6960

Broadcasting on 103.3 Megahertz FM Stereo. With News, Music, Debates and Interviews for the 200,000 strong Greek and Greek Cypriot community in London. Can be received as far away as Luton but due to the low power of the transmitter (25 Watts) good reception can only be heard in Haringey North London.

The station first started broadcasting to the London Greek Community in the early Eighties. At that time it was illegal for community radio stations to broadcast in the UK and LGR was raided over 100 times by the DTI. On 13 November 1989, after changes in the law, LGR started its first legal broadcasts, but had to share the frequency it was allocated with other broadcasters, thus it was only on-air between 0100-0400, 0800-1200 and 1600-2000. In May 1994 LGR's licence was renewed and it took full control if its frequency broadcasting 24hrs a day 7 days a week..

LGR Coverage

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LGR News Headlines 1996
LGR News Headlines 1997
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Note: This site does not represent the views of the staff, management or the owners of London Greek Radio. Chairman: H Sophoclides. Managing Director: A Yerolemou. Programme Controller: G Gregoriou. Head of Sales: C Harmanda.

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