Turks Murder Greek Cypriot

Turkish settlers - Greek Cypriot - Murder

Nicosia, Sep 1 1999 (CNA) -- A 69-year-old Greek Cypriot, enclaved in the Turkish-occupied Karpass peninsula, was murdered on Monday night after being abducted from a coffee-shop by what seems to be Turkish settlers.

Stelios Harpas was reported to have gone to meet someone, after a telephone call by an unidentified person.


KIBRIS (1.9.99) reports that Stelios Lambi Harpas (68), an enclaved living in occupied Rizokarpasso, has been found murdered. His charred body was found in his burned car.

KIBRIS adds that an unknown person called Harpas the other night at around 22.30 and asked to meet him (place unknown).

Harpas answered positively to the call and went to meet the caller. A short while later Harpas returned home and at around 23.00 hours he received another call and left his house again.

He did not return home and his charred body was found in his totally burned car in the forest near his village.

Harpas's wife told KIBRIS that the man on the phone spoke to her in broken Greek and told her his name was Mehmet.

KIBRIS further reports that "police" interrogated some people and are looking for a person aged between 23-25 for interrogation. "Police" believe that Harpas was murdered.

Spokesman - Murdered enclaved - UNFICYP - Post mortem

Nicosia, Sep 2 (CNA) -- The Cyprus government has information that a post mortem on the body of a Greek Cypriot enclaved, found dead in the Turkish occupied areas on Tuesday, revealed that the 69-year old man, Stelios Harpas was murdered.

In a written statement this afternoon, Government Spokesman Michalis Papapetrou said the occupation forces carried out a post mortem on the body of Harpas, in the presence of a doctor of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus (UNFICYP) as an observer.

"According to information the government has, the autopsy has confirmed that we are talking about a murder", Papapetrou said.

The occupation regime, he added, "has arrested four Turkish Cypriots who are being questioned in connection with the case."

He said UN envoy Dame Ann Hercus said UNFICYP's report on the incident will be handed to the government probably tomorrow while the relatives of the victim expressed their wish for Harpas to be buried in the southern coastal town of Limassol.

Harpa's wife, Yianoula intends to cross to the government controlled areas to attend the funeral.

"The Attorney-General of the Republic has ordered an investigation into the case", said Papapetrou and reiterated the government's request for Harpas' body to be transported to the free areas of the Republic.

Meanwhile, UNFICYP spokeswoman Sarah Russell told CNA that the body will be transported to the free areas tomorrow, before midday.

Asked why the body was not transferred to the free areas today, she said "I don't know but we do know that it will be coming tomorrow. We have been assured of that", she added.

Sixty-nine old Harpas from the Turkish occupied village of Rizokarpasso, on the island's eastern tip, was murdered on Monday night, reportedly by two persons.

Less than 500 Greek Cypriots remain in the northern part of Cyprus since Turkey invaded and occupied 37 per cent of the island in 1974.

Funeral - Murdered enclaved

Limassol, Sep 3 (CNA) -- A Greek Cypriot enclaved, brutally murdered by Turkish in the Turkish occupied Karpass peninsula in the eastern tip of Cyprus, was buried Friday in the free areas of the island but away from his beloved village.

Stelios Harpas, 69, was killed by injuries caused by firearms. His body was discovered in his burnt out car in a field in the Karpass peninsula on Tuesday night.

Two post mortems one in the occupied north and the other in the free areas today revealed that he was shot and then set ablaze in an effort to cover up any evidence.

Holy water from the Turkish occupied monastery of Apostolos Andreas and soil from his land in Rizokarpasso were brought to the government- controlled areas of the Republic by members of the Karpass Coordinating Committee to accompany Harpas' casket.

His family, including his wife Yianoula who came to the free areas this morning, Humanitarian Affairs Commissioner, Takis Christopoulos and other officials were present at the funeral service at Agios Stylianos church in Linopetra, Limassol.

In his funeral oration, Nicos Falas, president of the Karpass Coordinating Committee praised Harpas for being a "sleepless guardian angel of our history and land".

"This hideous crime aims to complete the ethnic cleansing and extinguishing of Hellenism," Falas added.

He pledged the new crime will make stronger the determination of some 500 Greek Cypriots who have remained in Karpass since the 1974 Turkish invasion to fight for freedom and the return of all refugees to their homeland.

Wreaths were laid on behalf of President Glafcos Clerides, Archbishop Chrysostomos, President of the House of Representatives Spyros Kyprianou, Justice Minister Nicos Koshis, political parties and others.

Cyprus has been divided since 1974 when Turkish troops invaded and occupied 37 per cent of the island's territory.

Murder of enclaved - Kyprianou - Reppas

Nicosia, Sep 4 1999 (CNA) -- President of the House of Representatives Spyros Kyprianou proposed the discussion of the murder of enclaved Greek Cypriot Stelios Harpas at the first session of the House on October 7.

The proposal also includes the discussion of 26 other cases of Greek Cypriot enclaved murdered in the Turkish-occupied areas as well as human rights' violations and ethnic cleansing carried out by the Turkish army and settlers.