Savage Attack

Settler in 'savage attack' on old enclaved man

Cyprus Mail: Saturday, November 24, 2001

THE UN yesterday confirmed that an elderly enclaved Greek Cypriot man had accused a Turkish settler of violently beating him and threatening to kill him.

The 72-year-old man, from Ayia Triada in Yialousa, was treated for multiple injuries all over his body after the vicious attack, which reportedly took place on Wednesday afternoon at 4pm.

Stylianos Papazacharia says a 30-year-old Turkish settler, by the name of Ali, barged into his house and brutally abused him.

The attacker allegedly threatened to kill him if he didn't leave his house and property.

Turkish Cypriot 'police' were apparently passing by at the time of the attack and took him to Yialousa hospital for treatment.

The doctor has submitted a report, along with the man's statement, to 'police' investigating the matter.

Papazacharia claims Ali has attacked him on previous occasions.

The suspect was arrested, according to reports from the Karpas Co- ordinating Committee.

The suspect claims Papazacharia owns valuable property on the coast in Ftohos, and that he wants to transform his village home into a coffee shop and shops.

Turkish Cypriot authorities have repeated told Papapazacharia to leave the north and move to the south for his personal safety.