Identify the Murderers of Solomos Solomou

Below are some photographs that I have Electronically Enhanced of the Murderers of Solomos Solomou. (please be patient for them to load in)

Bellow is a picture of the building where Solomou was shot from. Solomou is shown a quarter of the way up the flag pole, closely perused by UN peace-keepers.
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Standing on the balcony (in the red oval) is Kenan Akin, from Turkey, the so-called minister of agriculture, forests and energy of the illegal occupation regime, who is pointing a pistol in the direction of Solomou. Left is an enlargement of this section.
In the window that I have circled is another Turkish Soldier. His Identity is Unknown to me. On the left I have enlarged and Computer Enhanced the image.

This is a link to the original picture of the Building

This is another picture of the same balcony taken from the Video Coverage.

The people standing on the balcony Include, the then Commander of the Turkish occupation forces, Lieutenant General Hassan Kundaci, the Commander of the 28th division of the occupation army, Major General Mehmet Karli, the Chief of the so-called Turkish Cypriot police Attila Saab, and Kenan Akin.

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Erdal Emanet commander of the so-called security forces in the occupied areas has also been identified as present when Solomos Solomou was killed after 5 shots were pumped into his the Head, Heart, Lungs, and Legs. The sequence above which was taken from the Video Coverage shows a Turkish Soldier carrying a walkytalky crouching down into a position so as to fire shots into Solomou after he was felled. An acomplice could possibly be standing in the dooway next to him.

"The father of Solomos Solomou, the Greek-Cypriot civilian murdered in cold blood last summer, has declared a 10,000 cypriot pounds reward for information leading to the arrest of his son's assassin, Turk-Cypriot Kenan Akin, a so-called "minister" in Rauf Denktash's regime.

Mr. Stavros Solomou decided to proceed to this action, when Akin insolently called his victim a "dog."

The disconsolate father stated that he will accept monies in order to raise the amount of the reward."

Help Identify these Criminals who either Murdered or are protecting the Murderers of Solomos Solomou.

Solomou Murdered, animated gif 120K. Please copy and use it on your homepage

European Parliament Resolution on the Situation in Cyprus

CNN Video of Solomou's Murder 1.2MB in Quick Time Movie format
Video of Solomou's Murder 2MB .avi
Video of Isaac's Murder 2MB .avi

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