Illegal travel to occupied Cyprus


Campaign of Protest

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On March 17, 2005, Officers of the Association of European Journalists (AEJ) visited Occupied Cyprus via the Illegal airport of Tymbou. Although we demanded an apology for this Illegal entry of AEJ to Occupied Cyprus, AEJ never complied.


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On March 17, Officers of Association of European Journalists ( AEJ), including its secretary Mr. Peter Kramor, entered the occupied Cyprus via the Illegal Airport of Tymbou.


The legitimate Government of Cyprus has declared all the harbors and airports of occupied Cyprus closed to traffic and any entry from these points is illegal. This is the law of the Country. In addition, the Tymbou airport is built on stolen property of 200 Cypriot refugees who can sue anyone in EU courts for trespassing their property. These people are the legal owners of the Tymbou airport land and AEJ has violated their rights.


Therefore, by entering Cyprus via the illegal airport of Tymbou the AEJ and its officers are liable for:


1.- Violation of Cyprus laws which declare the use of all ports and airports in the occupied areas illegal.

2.- Violation of Cyprus laws which prohibit the illegal exploitation of refugees property (since the airport is built on refugees' property) which now carry a sentence of two years in prison.

3.- Violation of Cyprus laws of trespass, since the airport is built on refugees property.

4.- Violation of the European Convention of Human Rights (Right to property).

6.- Violation of EU customs regulations which prohibit the use of the illegal ports and airports.

7.- Illegal entry into the Republic of Cyprus.

8.- Illegal entry into the European Union.

9.- Illegal trade across EU borders.

10.- Encouraging the violation of Cyprus and EU laws through advertising and the use of illegal flights

11.- Violation of the UN Resolutions 541(1983) and 550(1984)

12.- Violation of the Cyprus Flight Information Region.

13.- Illegal entry into Cyprus Air Space.

14.- Ignoring the Air Traffic Control Regulations.

15.- Flying without insurance.

16.- Illegal designation of an air flight.




A grieving mother holding photos of her missing son.
1600+ men, women and children still missing

Greek Cypriots taken prisoner and transported to Turkey.
up to 70,000 held hostage in concentration camps

A Greek Cypriot napalmed by the Turkish air-force.
5000+ massacred

Greek Cypriots subjected to humiliating and degrading treatment.
thousands raped and tortured
200,000 ethnically cleansed

Christian gave stones smashed by the Turks.
500+ churches desecrated or destroyed

The murder of Tasos Isaac.
murders of refugees continue to this day

The murder of Solomos Solomou.

2001/2005 HEC and Argyros Argyrou. Updated on 11 February 2005.