The Cinyradae


Apollodorus and Pausanius

1405 BC

[Apoll. 3.14.3] Cinyras [the son of Paphos the son of Pygmalion the son of Belus] in Cyprus, whither he had come with some people, founded Paphos;

[Apoll. 3.14.4] [Cinyras had a daughter called Smyrna and] in consequence of the wrath of Aphrodite, for she did not honor the goddess, this Smyrna conceived a passion for her father, and with the complicity of her nurse she shared her father's bed without his knowledge for twelve nights. But when he was aware of it, he drew his sword and pursued her, and being overtaken she prayed to the gods that she might be invisible; so the gods in compassion turned her into the tree which they call smyrna (myrrh). Ten months afterwards the tree burst and Adonis, as he is called, was born.

[Apoll. 3.14.4] And Adonis, while still a boy, was wounded and killed in hunting by a boar through the anger of Artemis.

[Apoll. 3.14.4] Panyasis says that [Adonis] was a son of Thias, king of Assyria, who had a daughter Smyrna. Hesiod however, affirms that he was a son of Phoenix (1437 BC) and Alphesiboea whom for the sake of his beauty, while he was still an infant, Aphrodite hid in a chest unknown to the gods and entrusted to Persephone. But when Persephone beheld him, she would not give him back. The case being tried before Zeus, the year was divided into three parts, and the god ordained that Adonis should stay by himself for one part of the year, with Persephone for one part, and with Aphrodite for the remainder. However Adonis made over to Aphrodite his own share in addition; but afterwards in hunting he was gored and killed by a boar.

1385 BC

[Paus. 8.4.4] [Apoll. 3.9.1] Elatus had all the power and got Mount Cyllene, which down to that time had received no name. Afterwards Elatus migrated to what is now called Phocis, helped the Phocians when hard pressed in war by the Phlegyans, and became the founder of the city Elateia.

It is said that Azan had a son Cleitor, Apheidas a son Aleus and a daughter Stheneboea, who was married to Proetus, and that Elatus had five sons, Aepytus, Pereus, Cyllen, Ischys, and Stymphalus by Laodice, daughter of Cinyras.

1310 BC

[Apoll. 3.14.3] Herse [the daughter of Cecrops the earthborn king of Athens] had by Hermes a son Cephalus, whom Dawn loved and carried off, and consorting with him in Syria bore a son Tithonus, who had a son Phaethon, who had a son Astynous, who had a son Sandocus, who passed from Syria to Cilicia and founded a city Celenderis, and having married Pharnace, daughter of Megassares, king of Hyria, begat Cinyras. Cinyras in Cyprus having there married Metharme, daughter of Pygmalion, king of Cyprus, he begat Oxyporus and Adonis, and besides them daughters, Orsedice, Laogore, and Braesia. These by reason of the wrath of Aphrodite cohabited with foreigners, and ended their life in Egypt.

1201 BC

[Apoll. E3.9] Menelaus went with Odysseus and Talthybius to Cinyras in Cyprus and tried to persuade him to join the allies. He made a present of breastplates to the absent Agamemnon, and swore he would send fifty ships, but he sent only one, commanded by the son of Mygdalion, and the rest he moulded out of earth and launched them in the sea.


A grieving mother holding photos of her missing son.
1600+ men, women and children still missing

Greek Cypriots taken prisoner and transported to Turkey.
up to 70,000 held hostage in concentration camps

A Greek Cypriot napalmed by the Turkish air-force.
5000+ massacred

Greek Cypriots subjected to humiliating and degrading treatment.
thousands raped and tortured
200,000 ethnically cleansed

Christian gave stones smashed by the Turks.
500+ churches desecrated or destroyed

The murder of Tasos Isaac.
murders of refugees continue to this day

The murder of Solomos Solomou.

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