Illegal match in occupied Cyprus


Campaign of Protest



Dear Sir,


It has come to my attention that Huddersfield Town is planning to play an illegal football match in the occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus which will be in violation of Football League, UEFA and FIFA regulations as well as Cyprus, EU and international law and UN resolutions 541(1983) and 550(1984).


The illegal match will take place against the illegal "Cyprus Turkish FA" which is not a FIFA or UEFA member, on Tuesday May 10 2005.

The Huddersfield Town football team plan to enter Cyprus illegally via the illegal airport in the occupied village of Tymbou which is built illegally on land owned by 200 Greek Cypriot refugees who were ethnically cleansed by Turkey when it invaded Cyprus in 1974 in violation of international law and UN Security Council resolutions, and will be staying in the occupied town of Kyrenia and will be using hotels and property which legally belong to members of the ethnically cleansed 3000 strong Greek Cypriot population without their permission.


The legitimate Government of the Republic of Cyprus whose authority extends to all of the islands territory (including the occupied areas) has declared all the harbours and airports in occupied Cyprus closed to traffic and any entry from these points is illegal and punishable by the courts. This is the law of the country and of the EU. In addition, since the Tymbou airport is built on stolen property of 200 Cypriot refugees and since over 90% of the land and property in occupied Kyrenia is legally owned by 3000 Greek Cypriot refugees they can sue anyone in EU courts for trespassing on or exploiting their property. These Greek Cypriot refugees are the legal owners of the Tymbou airport land and the hotels and land in Kyrania where Huddersfield Town will be staying, training on and playing their illegal match on.


Huddersfield Town will not only bring the Football League and it sponsors into disrepute but will also be in violation of the following Cyprus, EU and international laws.


1.- Violation of Cyprus laws which declare the use of all ports and airports in the occupied areas illegal.

2.- Violation of Cyprus laws which prohibit the illegal exploitation of refugees property which now carry a sentence of two years in prison.

3.- Violation of Cyprus laws of trespass

4.- Violation of the European Convention of Human Rights (Right to property).

6.- Violation of EU customs regulations which prohibit the use of the illegal ports and airports.

7.- Illegal entry into the Republic of Cyprus.

8.- Illegal entry into the European Union.

9.- Illegal trade across EU borders.

10.- Encouraging the violation of Cyprus and EU laws through the promotion and use of of illegal flights, and refugees property.

11.- Violation of the UN Resolutions 541(1983) and 550(1984)

12.- Violation of the Cyprus Flight Information Region.

13.- Illegal entry into Cyprus Air Space.

14.- Ignoring the Air Traffic Control Regulations.

15.- Flying without insurance.

16.- Illegal designation of an air flight.


I therefore demand that Huddersfield Town call off this match immediately and that action be taken against Huddersfield Town, its management, directors and players by the Football League, UEFA and FIFA if it is played as scheduled.



Town's Cyprus trip off


Apr 21 2005


By The Huddersfield Daily Examiner


TOWN have pulled the plug on their post-season trip to Cyprus.


The cancellation of the four-day visit, which would have included a game against the controversial Cyprus Turkish FA's representative team, comes after the national Cypriot FA voiced their concerns to the English Football Association.


Peter Jackson and his squad would have flown out 24 hours after their final League I game at Wrexham on Saturday, May 7 and been based at Kyrenia.




The Cyprus Turkish FA does not appear on either the FIFA or UEFA websites as a member association.


"We have received a number of communications since the proposed trip was announced, and this is clearly a very sensitive issue," said Town secretary Ann Hough.


"It was solely intended to be a recreational end-of-season trip including one friendly match.


"While initial approval was sought, and received, from the Football League and the Football Association at this end, the Cypriot FA voiced concerns to our FA, and we are acting on those.


"We have withdrawn from the trip because we do not want to cause offence to any party."



A grieving mother holding photos of her missing son.
1600+ men, women and children still missing

Greek Cypriots taken prisoner and transported to Turkey.
up to 70,000 held hostage in concentration camps

A Greek Cypriot napalmed by the Turkish air-force.
5000+ massacred

Greek Cypriots subjected to humiliating and degrading treatment.
thousands raped and tortured
200,000 ethnically cleansed

Christian gave stones smashed by the Turks.
500+ churches desecrated or destroyed

The murder of Tasos Isaac.
murders of refugees continue to this day

The murder of Solomos Solomou.

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