UN Resolution 357 (1974)


Adopted by the Security Council at its 1792nd meeting on 14 August 1974

The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 353 (1974) of 20 July, 354 (1974) of 23 July and 355 (1974) of 1 August 1974,

Deeply deploring the resumption of fighting in Cyprus, contrary to the provisions of its resolution 353 (1974),

1. Reaffirms its resolutions 353 (1974) in all its provisions and calls upon the parties concerned to implement those provisions without delay;

2. Demands that all parties to the present fighting cease all firing and military action forthwith;

3. Calls for the resumption of negotiations without delay for the restoration of peace in the area and constitutional government in Cyprus, in accordance with resolution 353 (1974);

4. Decides to remain seized of the situation and on instant call to meet as necessary to consider what more effective measures may be required if the cease-fire is not respected.

UN Resolution 358 (1974)


Adopted by the Security Council at its 1793rd meeting on 15 August 1974

The Security Council,

Deeply concerned about the continuation of violence and bloodshed in Cyprus,

Deeply deploring the non-compliance with its resolution 357 (1974) of 14 August 1974,

1. Recalls its resolutions 353 (1974) of 20 July, 354 (1974) of 23 July, 355 (1974) of 1 August 1974 and 357 (1974);

2. Insists on the full implementation of the above resolutions by all parties and on the immediate and strict observance of the cease-fire.

UN Resolution 359 (1974)


Adopted by the Security Council at its 1793rd meeting on 15 August 1974

The Security Council,

Noting with concern from the Secretary-General's report on developments in Cyprus, in particular documents S/11353/Add.24 and 25, that casualties are increasing among the personnel of the United Nations Peace-keeping Force in Cyprus as a direct result of the military action which is still continuing in Cyprus,

Recalling that the United Nations Force was stationed in Cyprus with the full consent of the Governments of Cyprus, Turkey and Greece,

Bearing in mind that the Secretary-General was requested by the Security Council in resolution 355 (1974) of 1 August 1974 to take appropriate action in the light of his statement made at the 1788th meeting of the Council in which he dealt with the role, functions and strength of the Force and related issues arising out of the most recent political developments in respect of Cyprus,

1. Deeply deplores the fact that members of the United Nations Peace-keeping Force in Cyprus have been killed and wounded;

2. Demands that all parties concerned fully respect the international status of the United Nations Force and refrain from any action which might endanger the lives and safety of its members;

3. Urges the parties concerned to demonstrate in a firm, clear and unequivocal manner their willingness to fulfil the commitments they have entered into in this regard;

4. Demands further that all parties co-operate with the United Nations Force in carrying out its tasks, including humanitarian functions, in all areas of Cyprus and in regard to all sections of the population of Cyprus;

5. Emphasises the fundamental principle that the status and safety of the members of the United Nations Peace-keeping Force in Cyprus and for that matter of any United Nations peace-keeping force, must be respected by the parties under all circumstances.

UN Resolution 360 (1974)


Adopted by the Security Council at its 1794th meeting on 16 August 1974

The Security Council,

Recalling its resolutions 353 (1974) of 20 July, 354 (1974) of 23 July, 355 (1974) of 1 August, 357 (1974) of 14 August and 358 (1974) of 15 August 1974,

Noting that all States have declared their respect for the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the Republic of Cyprus,

Gravely concerned at the deterioration of the situation in Cyprus, resulting from the further military operations, which constituted a most serious threat to peace and security in the East Mediterranean area,

1. Records its formal disapproval of the unilateral military actions undertaken against the Republic of Cyprus;

2. Urges the parties to comply with all the provisions of previous resolutions of the Security Council, including those concerning the withdrawal without delay from the Republic of Cyprus of foreign military personnel present otherwise than under the authority of international agreements;

3. Urges the parties to resume without delay, in an atmosphere of constructive co-operation, the negotiations called for in resolution 353 (1974), whose outcome should not be impeded or prejudged by the acquisition of advantages resulting from military operations;

4. Requests the Secretary-General to report to the Council, as necessary, with a view to the possible adoption of further measures designed to promote the restoration of peaceful conditions;

5. Decides to remain seized of the question permanently and to meet at any time to consider measures which may be required in the light of the developing situation.

A grieving mother holding photos of her missing son.
1600+ men, women and children still missing

Greek Cypriots taken prisoner and transported to Turkey.
up to 70,000 held hostage in concentration camps

A Greek Cypriot napalmed by the Turkish air-force.
5000+ massacred

Greek Cypriots subjected to humiliating and degrading treatment.
thousands raped and tortured
200,000 ethnically cleansed

Christian gave stones smashed by the Turks.
500+ churches desecrated or destroyed

The murder of Tasos Isaac.
murders of refugees continue to this day

The murder of Solomos Solomou.

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