The Northampton Greek Programme

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News, Quizzes and Phone-ins

Inspiration FM was on air from 24 November untill midnight 21 December 1997

The Greek Selection was on at 6:30pm every Thursday

Heres what you missed

This page will contain information about the new Greek Programme on Inspiration FM. Here you will find the days play list the answer to the days Quiz (after it is answered on air) and the latest Greek community news.

Play List in Greek 27/11/97  
Play List in Greek 04/12/97  
Play List in Greek 11/12/97  
Play List in Greek 18/12/97    
Answer to the Phone-in Question 27/11/97  
Answer to the Phone-in Question 04/12/97  
Answer to the Phone-in Question 11/12/97  
Community News  
Greek Dances  

Running Order (subject to alteration)

18:30-1930 Greek Popular Club Remixes
  Greek Popular Music "Laika" from recent years
18:50-1930 The Phone-in Quiz
1905 Local News
19:30 The News from Cyprus and Greece (from LGR)
19:00-2000 Requests and Dedications
19:30 Songs From the Distant Past and cover versions
20:00 End

E-Mail a Request

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Trehantiri Greek Music Store

We are Back in June 1998 with RSL No. 4

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