105.8 24 December 2001 to
20 January 2002
24 December 2001 to
20 January 2002

The Greek Selection IX

with DJ Aggie - Agamemnon and DJ Mario on Inspiration FM 105.8 in Northamptonshire

The Greek Selction IX hit the airwaves on Thursday 27 December 2001

Again we will be bringing you the latest hits and new releases from Greece and Cyprus that are being played across the dance floors of the Mediterranean.... and more. Every Thursday from 6pm to 8pm.

For Requests and Dedications call 01604 250544 or Fax 01604 250573 during the show.

Running Order

18:00-19:00 Greek Club Remixes, Dance Tracks & Euro-Beat
  Quizes and Competitions
  New Releases and Classic Songs
19:00 The News from Cyprus and Greece
19:05-20:00 Greek Popular Music "Laika" from recent years
  Local Community News
  Requests and Dedications
  Special Guests, Biographies of the Stars
  New Releases, Remixes and Classic Songs
20:00 End

Play Lists

Play List 27/12/01  
Play List 03/01/02  
Play List 10/01/02  
Play List 17/01/02 Air Play Chart 17/01/02


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Summer 2000's Greek Selection VIII

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Christmas 2000's Greek Selection VII - To Kati

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Summer 2000's Greek Selection VI - Emeis oi dio

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Christmas 1999's Greek Selection V - The Millennium Mix

Play List for when I stood in on "The Spirit of Africa" 07/12/99
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Play List in Greek 30/12/99 Phone-in Question 30/12/99
  Air Play Chart 30/12/99

Summer 1999's Greek Selection IV - Mangé to Kalokairi

Play List for when I stood in on "The Spirit of Africa" 13/07/99
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Christmas 1998's Greek Selection III - The Mediterranean Mix

Play List for when I stood in on "The Spirit of Africa" 24/11/98
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Play List in Greek 03/12/98 Competition 03/12/98
Play List in Greek 10/12/98  
Play List in Greek 17/12/98 Air Play Chart 17/12/98

Summer 1998's Greek Selection II - Trella 3ana

Play List in Greek 25/06/98 Phone-in Question 25/06/98
Play List in Greek 02/07/98 Phone-in Question 02/07/98
Play List in Greek 09/07/98 Phone-in Question 09/07/98
Play List in Greek 16/07/98 Air Play Chart 16/07/98

Winter 1997's Greek Selection - Thelo Trella

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Play List in Greek 11/12/97
Play List in Greek 18/12/97
Phone-in Question 27/11/97
Phone-in Question 04/12/97
Phone-in Question 11/12/97

Thanks goes out to Mark Dean and Jenny Campbell, and rest of the A-Team for bringing Inspiration FM to the air-waves once more. Hopefully next time we will have the 24-7-52-365, a full ILR License. To support this goal please fill in the petition which IFM will present to the Radio Authority.

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