The Greek Selection II - Chart 16/07/98

Trella 3ana

with DJ Agamemnon on Inspiration FM 105.8 in Northamptonshire

The Greek Selction II: Trella 3ana

IFM Greek Air-Play Top 10

So here it is. The long awaited IFM Greek Air-Play Top 10

Chart Positions were calculated by number of songs played for each individual artist over the past 2 RSL’s Nov/Dec 1997 and Jun/Jul 1998 i.e. the last 7 Shows.

When 2 of more artists tied on the same number of songs played, the placing was derived from a count back of the songs played over the last 3 shows ie the present RSL. This rule sorted out the 4th 5th and 6th, 9th and 10th placings)

If there was still a tie the number of requests for each artist would have been considered, but this did not become a factor.

If a tie still existed then the number of Solo Songs compared to Duets by each artist was considered. Solo Songs outranking Duets. This rule sorted out the first two placings for last years Chart, but was not a factor this time around.

If there was still a tie after all this then so be it. Thus 7th and 10th place were ties. (Last year I used personal preference to split the placing but not this year)

(Hopefully I haven’t made any errors)

1. Καιτη Γαρμπη (15 plays 8 last year) (Non Mover)

2. Σταματης Γονιδης (9 plays 6 last year) (Non Mover)

3. Θάνος Καλλίρης (6 plays all this year) (New Entery)

4. Λαμπης Λιβιερατος (5 plays 4 this year) (New Entery)

5. Αννα Βισση (5 plays 3 this year) (Up 5)

6. Σοφια Αρβανιτη (5 pays 1 this year) (Down 3)

7. Πασχαλης Τερζης (4 plays 1 this year) (Down 2)

7. Γιωργος Γερολυματος (4 plays 1 this year) (Non Mover)

9. Λευτερης Πανταζης (3 plays 2 this year) (New Entery)

10. Σπυρος Σπυρακος (3 plays all last year) (Down 6)

Αντζυ Σαμιου (3 plays all last year) (Down 4)

Γιαννης Ζουγανελης (3 plays all last year) (Down 2)

Χριστακης (3 plays all last year) (Down 1)

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