The Greek Selection II - Quiz 09/07/98

Trella 3ana

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The Greek Selction II: Trella 3ana

Quiz Question No 3

Which Mediterranean island with a 9000 year old history of civilisation obtained its name from the Large Copper Deposits that brought it fame and wealth.

Clue 1

In 1200 BC the island was colonised by Mycenaean and Achaean Greeks, and legend has it that the first Hellenes who settled there were heroes of the Trojan war. It has been subsequently conquered by the Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Romans, British, Venetians and Turks but has remained predominantly Greek in culture, language and population despite influences resulting from these successive occupations.

Clue 2

Apostles Paul and Barnabas, travelled to the Island where they converted the Roman Governor to Christianity and thus the Island in question became the first country to be ruled by a Christian.

Clue 3

The Island became free from British Colonial Rule in 1960 and Celebrates its independence day on the 1st October every year.







Answer: Cyprus

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