The Greek Selection II - Quiz 25/06/98

Trella 3ana

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The Greek Selction II: Trella 3ana

Quiz Question No 1

What was the name of Alexander the Great’s Step Sister

Πια είδαν η ετεροθαλή αδερφή του Μεγαλέξανδρου.

Pia eidan h eterothali aderfi toy Megalexandrou

Clue 1

In 215 BC her husband one of Alexander’s Generals named a Macedonian city in her honour.

Clue 2

In 168 BC the City named in her honour became the regional capital of the Macedonian province of Rome and in 1997 AD this Greek City was named the Cultural Capital of Europe.

Clue 3

In 1950 the famous Greek Musician and Composer Vaisilis Tsitsanis wrote one of many songs about her beauty.







Answer: Thessaloniki

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