Biblical Timeline


The Migrations after the Flood


1614 BC Noah's Flood occurs

1585 Shem succeeds Noah

c.1530 The Pelasgians invade the Peloponnese. The Philistines settle in Canaan. Nimrod wars with children of Japheth.

1479.5 Tharrah is born

1460.5 Haran is born

1444.5 BC Abram is born and goes into hiding

1443 Abram instructed in ways of the Lord

1441 Lot is born

1439 BC Sarah is born

1420.5 Sodom and Gomorrah subdued by Chodollogomor

1419.5 Abram strikes down the gods of his father and sentenced to death with his brother Haran

1418.5 Tharrah leaves for Canaan with his sons and stays in Haran

1417 Abram goes into Canaan


Wandering in Canaan


1414.5 Sodom and Gomorrah revolt from Chodollogomor

1412 Chodollogomor king of Elam and 3 allies enslave 5 enemy kings

1409.5 Abram returns to Haran

1407 Abram leaves Haran and travels to Egypt with Sara and Lot after a famine takes hold

c.1407 Lot settles in Sodom

1405 War breaks out between the 9 kings and Abraham rescues Lot after he is captured when Sodom is attacked.

1404 Abraham’s descendents in the 4th generation are given the land.

1401.5 BC Ishmael is born to Abraham

1395 BC The birth of Isaac foretold to Abraham. Ishmael is circumcised

1395 BC Sodom is destroyed along with Gomorrah but Lot and his daughters escape.

1395 BC Abraham stays with Abimelech

1394.5 BC Isaac is born to Abraham

1393.25 BC Tharrah dies

1382 BC Abraham attempts to sacrifice Isaac

1375.5 BC Sara dies

1375.5 Abraham marries Keturah

1374.5 Isaac marries Rebecca

1364.5 Twin sons Jacob and Esau are born to Isaac. Keturah and her children leave Abraham

1357 Abraham dies

c.1346.5 Easu sells Jacob his birthright

c.1346.5 -1344.5 A famine occurs and Isaac stays with Abimelech

1344.5 Esau marries Adah/Judith and Bashamath

c.1344.5-1333 Esau takes Mahalath one of Ishmael’s daughters as his wife after Jacob tricks Isaac into giving him his brothers blessing

1333 Ishmael dies

1326 Jacob goes to Charran to work for his uncle

1322 Ruben is born to Leah

1321 Levi born

c.1320 (1340-1300) According to Josephus Herakles marries one of the daughters of Afer son of Abraham and Keturah

1319 Joseph is born to Rachael and Dinah is born to Leah

1316 Jacob leaves Charran

1316-1311 Jacob and Esau are reunited

1311 Dinah is raped

1310.5 Joseph is sold by his brothers to a trade caravan

1304.5 Isaac dies

{c.1305 Mittani falls to Adad-Nirari of Assyria}

1304 Joseph made chancellor of Egypt and marries Asenath

1302 Manesses and Ephraim are born

1300.5 The years of plenty end and famine begins


Egyptian rule


1299.5 Jacob comes to Egypt

c.1293 According to Herodotus Herakles (Seti I) kills Busiris (Horemheb) and his son Amphidamus (Ramses I) after a 9 year long famine. Records from Horemheb's reign show a famine occurred at this time.

1291 Kohath is born and Jacob dies

1289 Esau dies

1271 Amram is born

1264 Joseph dies

1232 Moses is born

1224.5 Kohath dies

1212 Moses murders an Egyptian and flees Pharaoh

1202.5 Amram dies


Exodus Period


1192 The Exodus occurs 19 years after the reign of Ramses II in the final year of the reign of an Egyptian king that Manetho calls Amenophis the son of Ramses. In Amenophis sixth year Egypt was overrun a group of exiled slaves based in Avaris (Jerusalem). Thirteen years later Amenophis, his son Seti and the unnamed king of Ethiopia expelled these invaders and took back Memphis.

1172 Moses dies

1172 Joshua sacks Jericho


Judges Period


1158-1155.5 BC The death of Joshua is followed by years of unrest between tribes

1155.5-1153.5 The Assyrian king Cousarsathaim (Assur-Risilim) rules over Syria-Palestine

1153.5 Othniel is the first Judge

1114 Tiglath Pilaser the son of Assur-Risilim rules Assyria

1071 The Ionian migration begins

1068 The Philistines control Syria-Palestine

1053 Samson dies and Eli judges the tribes of Israel

1048 Samuel judges Israel

1036 Samuel makes Saul king

1018 Samuel dies

1016 David becomes king of Judea and Ishboseth rules over Israel

1014 David rules over both kingdoms

976 Solomon is king



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