The European Parliament,

-having regard to its previous resolutions on the political situation in Cyprus and Turkey

A. noting the public statement by the President of the Security Council, Sir John Westonin which he identified the Councl's concern and disappointment that further substantive progress was impeded by the attempt by the Turkish Cypriots to bring preconditions to the table,

B. welcoming the statement made by Commissioner Van den Broek on 22 August 1997 and Council President Jacques Poos, on 26 August 1997 about the lack of progress on the Cyprus issue,

C. drawing attention to the references to Cyprus in the Commission document "Agenda 2000- for a Stronger and Wider Union", and to the European Council's undertaking in Florence in June 1996, that "Accession negotiations with Cyprus should start six months after the conclusion of the EGC",

D. maintaining that negotiations for accession to the Union should benefit both communities,

1. Denounces the joint declaration and the implementing measures, signed by Turkey and the illegal regime in the occupied areas of the Republic of Cyprus, which threaten to annex the occupied part of the island to Turkey, as illegal, provocative and not conducive to creating the right negotiating climate for the talks;

2. Is appalled at all statements by Rauf Denktash, leader of the Turkish Cypriot community, that there will be war in Cyprus if its application to join the EU is successful, and demands their total withdrawal;

3. Regrets the precondition for progress in the direct talks set by Mr. Denktash - the freezing of the accession negotiations with Cyprus - and cofirms its clear expectation that these negotiations will be launched by the beginning of 1998 as agreed by the EU in March 1995 and as expressed in Agenda 2000, i.e. "if progress towards a settlement is not made before the negotiations are due to begin, they should be opened with the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, as the only authority recognized by international law";

4. Welcomes the outcome of the meetings between President Clerides and Rauf Denktash in Nicosia on humanitarian issues, in particular measures concerning investigations into the fate of the missing people, and expresses its hope that these efforts will continue despite the outcome of the Montreux talks;

5. Welcomes the recent announcement that President Clerides and Mr. Denktash will meet to discuss security issues, including demilitarisation of the island, and in this context draws attention to the excessive build-up of arms on the island; urges both parties to exercise the utmost restraint with regard to military deployment;

6. Recognises that there are Turkish Cypriot voices which oppose Mr. Denktash and appeals to the Government of Cyprus and the Turkish Cypriot community to continue to look for a peaceful and just solution to the Cyprus issue in accordance with UN Security Council resolutions;

7. Reminds the Turkish Government that constructive relations between Turkey and the EU depend partly on the Turkish Government's policy on Cyprus;

8. Calls on the Union and on all Member States to maintain firm pressure on Turkey to contribute positively to a just solution of the Cyprus problem and to ensure that they facilitate the commencement of accession negotiation with Cyprus by the beginning of 1998;

9. Notes the role that the United States can play in contributing to a just solution of the Cyprus problem;

Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission and the Governments of the Member States, Cyprus, and Turkey, and the United Nations Secretary-General.

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