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The Annan Plan - An In-depth Analysis



Olympic Games


Say NO to the Annan Plan which legitimises brutal Turkish aggression, terrorism and ethnic cleansing in Cyprus by permanently partitioning the island and forcing upon it a system of apartheid more malevolent and pernicious than that that of the former South Africa which will leave the Greek Cypriot victims without any rights and force them to compensate their brutal rapist instead of making the criminal pay for their crimes as demanded by numerous UN Security Council resolutions and the European Court of Human Rights.


Emilia Tsoulfa ( L) and Sofia Bekatorou (R) win the gold medal for Double-handed Dingy women’s- 470

Greece win Eurobasket 2005

Annans Plan leaves Cyprus at the Mercy of Turkey (campaign of protest)

Turkey found guilty of murders of Isaac and Solomou

Greece win first gold in Athens 2004 Olympics

Greece are European Champions after winning the Euro2004 tournament

Turkey found Guilty by ECHR over Cyprus Invasion

Major Earthquake Hits Athens


Dog Fights over Cyprus, Turkey Buzzes Greek Minister

Athens to host 2004 Olympics

Miss Greece is the new MISS WORLD (CNN)

Warrants Issued for Isaac' and Solomou's Murderers.

Turks Kill Another Defenceless Greek Cypriot (13/10/96)

WANTED PICTURES of the Murderers of Isaac and Solomou

Another Greek Cypriot Murdered by Turkish Troops (14/8/96)

Turks Murder Cypriot on Motorbike Rally (11/8/96)



Nikolaos Siranidis and Thomas Bimis gold

Ilias Iliadis of Greece kisses his gold medal for the men's judo -81 kg class event

Elana Paparizou wins Eurovision 2005



Siranidis and Bimis win First Greek Olympic Gold in 2m springboard


Marcos Baghdatis reaches Aussie 2006 final






Intoduction to the Cyprus PeroblemIntroduction to the problem caused by the Turkish Invasion of Cyprus

Unitad Nations and EU ResolutionsUnited Nations & European Union Resolutions Condemning Turkey


Help Find a Solution to the Cyprus Problem over the Internet.


View peoples comments here.


Write to your Elected Representatives and ask for Action.




Human Rights Abuses by TurkeyHuman Rights Abuses by Turkey During and After the Cyprus Invasion and more

Turkish Violations of International LawContinuing Turkish Violations of International Law


The Greekness of MacedoniaMacedonia is Greece

The Hellenic GenocideThe Hellenic Genocide



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