Turkish Violations of International Law

While the Turkish state is attempting to persuade the rest of the world that it is in a fit state to join the European Union the Turkish Authorities continue to suppress the Freedoms of Speech and Expression of their own People, jailing Journalists and Human Rights Activists on a Daily basis. The Turkish Army continues to illegally occupy 38% of the Territory of Cyprus after having ethnically cleansed it of all of its native inhabitants both Christian and Muslim, violating over 100 UN Resolutions and European Court of Human Right Judgements. Even during times of natural disaster the Turkish Military never ceased its campaign against the 30% Kurdish Minority which is denied the right of self rule and even the right to teach or publish in its own language by the Turkish courts, while the rest of the world is demanding Freedom and Autonomy for lesser minorities in other states. While Turkey's Violations of International Law continue it is not in a position be accepted by the EU. In the light of NATO's action against other dictatorial and militaristic regimes the rest of the World must now also take notice of Turkey's Crimes and make sure that they end in a similar manner.

Turkey's Murders in Cyprus

(3/6/96) Turks Murder Greek Cypriot in UN cease-fire area
(7/7/96) Turks Assassinate Journalist
Assassination sponsored by Government of Turkey.
(11/8/96) Turkish Troops Murder Greek Cypriot Protester and Shoot and Beat over 40 others
Turkey responsible for killing, says Euro Socialist leader
(14/8/96) Turkish Troops Murder another Greek Cypriot
(7/9/96) Turks shoot dead Kurd Soldier from within Occupied Territory
The Cyprus Government Identifies Solomou's Killers, All Turks.
Magazine identifies one of Isaac's killers
Help prove the Identity of the killers of Isaac and Solomou
(19/9/1996) Resolution of the European Parliament on the situation in Cyprus
(13/10/96) Turks Kill Defenseless Greek Cypriot collecting snails
(24/10/1996) European Parliament Resolution on Cyprus
Warrants Issued for the Murderers of Isaac and Solomou.
British MP's show Solidarity with Cyprus Protest.
New Protests in Memory of Isaac and Solomou
Abductions by the Illegal Occupation Regime
(09/04/99) Enclaved 85 year old Murdered
Turkey will be put on trial for the Murder of Solomou
(01/09/99) Illegal Turkish settlers Murder 69 year old Greek Cypriot
(03/07/2000) Turkish Troops Advance on Strovilia in Free Areas
(13/12/2000) Greek Cypriot Abducted by Turks on British Soil in Cyprus
Isaacs murderer wants Turkish Cypriots castrated
(24/11/2001) Savage attack on old enclaved man
(24/10/2006) Turks test bio-chemical weapons on Cypriot captives
(28/10/2006) Turkey in the dock for killing Tassos Isaac
How the UN describes Isaac’s killing
(01/11/07) Greek Cypriot beaten to death by occupation regime "police"
(24/06/08) Turkey found guilty of murders of Isaac and Solomou

Isaac Murdered on Video  Solomou Murdered on Video

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Turkey Attacks Hellenic Islands Sovereignty

Turks illegally claim the Greek islands of Imia.
See the maps which prove Imia is Greek.
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Turkey's Atrocities againtst its Neighbours and own People

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