The European Parliament,

- having regard to its previous resolutions on the situation in Cyprus and to its resolution of 12 July 1995 on Cyprus' application for membership of the European Union,

A. deeply shocked by the killings that took place in August during a peaceful demonstration for the reunification of the island, where two Greek Cypriots were killed and several wounded, including two UN peacekeepers, by the security forces of the Turkish-occupied part of Cyprus,

B. having regard to the so-called counter-demonstrations organised by the Turkish authorities with the active involvement and participation of elements belonging to the Turkish armed forces and the illegal occupying powers,

C. whereas a large contingent of extremist Turkish "Grey Wolves". armed with crowbars and spiked clubs, has been brought from Turkey in order to instigate a violent escalation of the so-called counter-demonstrations, thereby creating the false impression that peaceful coexistence between Greek and Turkish Cypriots is impossible,

D. whereas, according to a statement by the Cypriot Government, a member of the Denktash regime has been identified as being apparently involved in the assassination of the Greek Cypriot Solomos Solomou,

E. whereas these tragic events have been denounced internationally and condemned by all governments and international organisations,

F. having regard to the urgent need for a fair and viable solution, based on international law and the UN resolutions on Cyprus, and in accordance with established Community Law,

1. Condemns the murders of the two young Greek Cypriots by the Turkish Army of occupation and members of the unlawful Denktash regime, and expresses its support for the families of the two victims,

2. Expresses deep concern at the indiscriminate use of violence by the Turkish occupying forces;

3. Condemns the fact that members of the Turkish extremist organisation "Grey Wolves" were brought from Turkey to Cyprus so that they could enter into conflict with unarmed demonstrators and takes the view that this policy is endangering peace and security in Cyprus;

4. Calls on Turkey to cooperate by taking all necessary measures to identify, arrest and bring to justice all those implicated in the murders and the decision to fire on unarmed civilians;

5. Calls on the United Nations to cooperate in seeking those responsible for these crimes;

6. Calls on the Council and Commission, as a matter of urgency, to intensify their joint action and joint endeavours to resolve the Cyprus problem in accordance with paragraph 19 of its above-mentioned resolution;

7. Welcomes the decision of the Irish Presidency to maintain a special EU representative for the Cyprus problem; asks, in this respect, the Council to make every effort to co-ordinate the initiatives of the UN, British and US representatives in a joint and more effective action and invites the representative of the Council Presidency for Cyprus, Ambassador Kester Heaslip, to report also to Parliament on his visits to the region during the summer;

8. Supports the proposal of the Cyprus government for the demilitarisation of the island and asks Turkey to withdraw its occupation forces and abide by the UN resolutions on Cyprus;

9. Appeals to the government of Cyprus and the leadership of the Turkish-Cypriot community to continue to look for a peaceful and just solution to the Cyprus problem, along the lines of relevant UN Security Council resolutions;

10. Deplores the numerous incidents in the neutral zone which have caused several victims along both sides of the demarcation line;

11. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, the governments of the Member States and the governments and parliaments of Cyprus and Turkey and the United Nations.

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