Annans Plan is BLACKMAIL

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Analysis by Former Greek Ministers

Turkey will be given legal immunity by so-called Truth and Reconciliation commission.

The Truth and Reconciliation commission proposed by Annan is nothing of the kind and is an attempt to bypass and prevent refugees from appealing to the European Court of Human Rights to seek damages and reparations from Turkey from its violations of their right and outrages against them.

The European Court of Human Rights has already judged Turkey guilty of mass violations of humans rights and awarded damages against it. It has judged that Turkey and not the puppet occupation regime is legally culpable for situation in the occupied areas. The Truth and Reconciliation commission will free Turkey from all culpability and legal responsibility for the rights violations resulting form its invasion and will not award one penny in damages or compensation to the refugees. Turkey will be given legal immunity.

"Plan" will outlaw Greek Business in occupied areas and confiscate all land and property owned by organisations.

It you are a Greek or Greek Cypriot business man and think that Annans "plan" will enable you to do business or carry out your traded in the occupied areas then you are deluding yourself. Restrictions on freedom of movement, settlement and establishment will make it impossible.

Annans "plan" specifically states that all land and property owned by "institutions" which will include business property, private companies and corporations will be confiscated automatically and handed over to the occupation regime. The confiscated land and property will also include farm land thus all refugee farmers, hoteliers, coffee shop owners and even industrialists will be dispossessed. Also football and sports grounds, golf courses, schools, and the properties of charitable organisations will be confiscated without a penny paid in compensation.

Worthless government bonds will be issued paid for by refugees own taxes which do not stand a chance of ever being redeemable in one hundred years.

This "plan" will pay no heed to the judgements made by the ECHR which rule that the refugees property and businesses are still theirs, and that Turkey must pay damages, and will completely overturn these judgements.

Annan's plan MUST NOT be co-signed in December under any circumstances

The Plan takes immediate effect from December if co-signed irrespective of the result of negotiations and irrespective of the result of the referendum.  

It is not for negotiation but is take-it-or-leave-it and Annan will have the right to alter any decisions made by negotiation even after it is finalised.  


Not only will this "plan" lift ALL embargos on the illegal occupation regime and give it recognition before the referendum is even held but the question that will be asked in the referendum will link Cyprus EU membership directly to acceptance. Reject the "plan" and you also reject EU membership.

Annan's "plan" is BLACKMAIL !

From the Full Text of the "plan".

"Article 1 Foundation Agreement

1. The main articles of the appended Foundation Agreement are hereby agreed, as is the substance of the specially marked parts of the Annexes thereto and the map delineating the boundary between the {component states}. The Draft Annexes as a whole are hereby accepted as a basis for agreement to be finalized no later than 28 February 2003.

2. The finalization of all Draft Annexes shall be accompanied and facilitated by the appended measures.

3. The Secretary-General is invited to certify the results of the finalization process, and to include his suggestions, if any are indispensable, to finalize the Agreement.

4. That finalized Foundation Agreement shall be submitted by each side to referendum on 30 March 2003, together with other specified matters related to the coming into being of the new state of affairs, including accession to the European Union. "



Article 5 Measures to promote confidence

1. Steps shall be taken without delay to lift restrictions on trade, movement of tourists, and participation in international sporting and cultural activities. "


Article 1 Conduct of separate simultaneous referenda

1. Each side shall organise a referendum on 30 March, asking the following question:

''Do you:

i) Approve the Foundation Agreement and all its Annexes, including the Constitution of Cyprus;

ii) Approve the Constitution of the [Greek Cypriot/Turkish Cypriot] {component state} and the provision as to the laws to be in force for the {component state}

iii) Approve the terms of the draft Treaty between Cyprus, Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom on matters related to the new state of affairs in Cyprus, and require the signature by the Co-Presidents of the Treaty;

iv) Approve the accession of Cyprus to the European Union in accordance with the conditions of accession laid down in the draft Treaty concerning accession of Cyprus to the European Union, and require the signature and ratification by the Co-Presidents of the Treaty?

Yes [ ]

No [ ]'' "

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