This is a copy of the Complaint I made to the BBC the BSC and the BCC concerning the programme listed below.

You my make a copy and send it to the addresses listed below under your own real name

You may also include any information from my Internet pages as evidence of the Turkish Atrocities.

I am writing to complain about an item on The Travel Show transmitted on 30/5/96 at 2100hrs on BBC2 that was promoting ILLEGAL TRAVEL TO TURKISH OCCUPIED NORTH CYPRUS.

How can the BBC justify broadcasting this programme and encouraging people to travel to north Cyprus when the north has been ethnically cleansed of Greek Cypriots by Turkey.

None of the 200,000 refugees are allowed to return to their ancestral homes and villages in the north and those Greek Cypriots that chose to remain in the peninsular are continually experiencing human rights violations and are not allowed to worship freely or move freely in the north. Turkey continues to illegally station an army of over 30,000 in the north making it the most heavily militarised region in the world.

I am a Greek Cypriot and I found the programme Offensive, Inaccurate, Biased against the Greek Community and cultural heritage of north Cyprus and Ignorant of the atrocities carried out by Turkey.

My argument is expressed bellow

I and my family as well as every other Greek Cypriot are unable to return to our homes in the north and I have never seen my parents homes and villages in the north as I was born in England and I am not permitted by Turkey to enter north Cyprus because I am Greek Cypriot in origin. If I attempted to do so I would be arrested by the Turkish forces and neither I nor the British ambassador could guarantee my safety.

How then can this programme purport to encourage tourism to occupied Cyprus when the legitimate residents of the north, the displaced Greek Cypriots and their descendants cannot go there.

The programme illegally attempted to give legitimacy to the Turkish Occupation which Has been condemned by the United Nations in over 100 resolutions of both the General Assembly and the Security Council.

UN Resolution 541 (1983)

UN Resolution 550 (1984)

Since these resolutions reaffirm all the resolutions that went before them, and all the resolutions passed after these resolutions reaffirm the above resolutions. Violating one resolution is a violation of every resolution. The resolutions include:

UN General Assembly Resolution 3212 (XXIX) (1974)

UN Security Council Resolution 365 (1974)

UN Security Council Resolution 367 (1975)

UN General Assembly Resolution 37/253 (1983)

UN Security Council Resolution 541 (1983)

UN Security Council Resolution 550 (1984)

UN Security Council Resolution 649 (1990)

After the illegal invasion of 1974 the UN imposed a ban on all direct flights to or from occupied Cyprus and the advertisement of such flights. All countries including Turkey have to abide by this ban. The authorities in north Cyprus are not allowed to issue visas and any illegally issued visas are not recognised by any other country except Turkey.

In 1994 the European Court of Justice passed a judgement that banned all trade with occupied north Cyprus unless permission was given by the legal government of the Republic of Cyprus and the trade entered or left Cyprus by

official ports and airports. The only official ports as stated by the government of Cyprus are Larnaka, Larnaka Airport, Limasol, Paphos and Paphos Airport. All others including Kyrinia and the Turkish airfield near Nicosia are illegal. The only legal way for people, trade and humanitarian aid to enter north Cyprus is via the UN controlled demarcation line border crossing.

Since Turkey has now obtained Customs Union with the EU it has to abide by all European Union Laws regarding Trade.

The European Commission of Human Rights, Report II states:

The programme was unfairly biased and ignored the true history of Cyprus.

All of the counts that the Programme and BBC stand accused of are an insult to the memory of all the People that died or were murdered because of the Turkish invasion.

When there was a ban on tourism and trade with South Africa the BBC respected that ban. So why has the BBC No Respect for the similar ban on travel and tourism in north Cyprus.

Please reply as soon as possible.

Áñãõñïò Ãåùñãüò Áñãõñïý

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