Letter Calling for the Return of the Displaced Persons

4 June 1996

The Rt. Hon Malcolm Rifkind QC MP

Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs

House of Commons

London SW1A 0AA

Dear Mr Rifkind,

I am a British Citizen born in London England. My parents were both born in Cyprus but are now British Citizens also being Greek Cypriots. My father was born and lived in Pyrga, Famagusta, Cyprus. My mother was born and lived in Yialousa, Famagusta, Cyprus.

I am writing to you because I am travelling to visit and live in my parents Homes and Villages in Northern Cyprus. As I am a British Citizen I have the Right to the protection of Great Britain wherever I go. Since Cyprus is a Member of the Commonwealth and an Associate Member of the European Union and Britain is One of the Guarantor Powers under the 1960 Constitution of Cyprus, I am asking you and the Government for your protection when I travel to Pyrga and Yialousa and live in the homes in Northern Cyprus that rightfully belong to myself and my family.

Since Turkey continues to station an illegal army of over 30,000 troops in the north, I request you to ask Turkey to guarantee my free passage and allow me to live in freedom in my property in Northern Cyprus. If Turkey does not wish to guarantee my freedom or you do not think it can, then because I am a British citizen and since Britain is a Guarantor Power I ask for Great Britain to ensure that I get to my destination in safety and stay safe after I get there.

I have decided to travel to North Cyprus because I have never seen my parents homes and villages in north Cyprus.

When on 30th May 1996 I watched the Travel Show on BBC2, I saw it was advertising for, and supporting, and inviting British Citizens to travel to, and buy and live in property in "The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus".

Since I am a British Citizen I have decided to take up this opportunity. Previously I was of the impression that the above was illegal and in violation of European Law and a European Court of Justice Judgement Passed in 1994 which prohibited all trade with "The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" unless it had the permission of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus. But since The BBC has shown a programme showing it is possible for Britons to travel to the occupied north and since the BBC obviously supports such travel and thinks it is safe, I as a British Citizen wish to participate in this travel in-order to rightfully reclaim my Families Land and Homes in North Cyprus.

If I am not allowed to live in my property in Northern Cyprus then Britain Should take action:

I would also like these Questions Raised and Answered in Parliament,

and most importantly

Yours Sincerely,

Argyros George Argyrou BSc. ARCS.

British Citizen

cc. The Rt. Hon Robin Cook, Labour Foreign Affairs.

The Rt. Hon Menzies Campbell, Lib. Dem. Foreign Affairs.

The Rt. Hon Michael Morris, Local MP Conservative.

Malcolm Rifkind the Foreign Secretary replied to Michael Morris MP as follows. Also see Governments reply

25 June 1996

Dear Michael,

Thank you for your letter of 12 June enclosing one for your constituent, Mr A G Argyrou of ***************, Northampton, ******, about Cyprus.

Mr Argyrou's letter reflects the depth of feeling among both Cypriot communities who have lost homes in Cyprus as a result of intercommunal strife. He is not alone in his predicament and I have every sympathy with his concerns. But the only realistic way to resolve the questions of property rights and a settlement on the island is to reach an end to the intercommunal dispute through direct negotiations between the two sides. Britain plays a active role in the search for a settlement. Last month I appointed Sir David Hannay as the Government's Special Representative for Cyprus to strengthen these efforts.



Malcolm Rifkind

The Rt Hon Michael Morris MP

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