Who created the Bible, How, Why and When


According to Tacitus the Jewish religion was nothing more than a superstition so the question arises why was this so and how did it come into being.


After the conquest of Alexander the Great most of Syria-Palestine was Hellenised within a generation. The southern part of the land was an Egyptian vassal until Antiochus Epiphanies conquered Egypt and took southern Palestine for himself.


Tacitus (Annals Book 5)

While the East was under the sway of the Assyrians, the Medes, and the Persians, Jews were the most contemptible of the subject tribes. When the Macedonians became supreme, King Antiochus strove to destroy the national superstition, and to introduce Greek civilization, but was prevented by his war with the Parthians from at all improving this vilest of nations; for at this time the revolt of Arsaces had taken place. The Macedonian power was now weak, while the Parthian had not yet reached its full strength, and, as the Romans were still far off, the Jews chose kings for themselves. Expelled by the fickle populace, and regaining their throne by force of arms, these princes, while they ventured on the wholesale banishment of their subjects, on the destruction of cities, on the murder of brothers, wives, and parents, and the other usual atrocities of despots, fostered the national superstition by appropriating the dignity of the priesthood as the support of their political power.


Antiochus IV Epiphanes at the request of the people replaced the High Priest Jesus (Jason) with another Onias (Meneleus) who was not of the priestly line. The practice of circumcision and similar barbaric customs that had been imported from Egypt centuries earlier were to be replaced by more civilised practices. Antiochus and the Jewish priesthood obviously did not want any Egyptian customs to continue since this would allow Ptolemy to control the people of the newly acquired southern provinces who had previously been vassals of Egypt.


The people we no different to any other people of the region and believed in many Gods and superstitions based on ancestor worship. These superstitions were derived from corruptions of the mythologised local history which had been written down by the Greeks and deposited in Library of Alexandria. This history was based on documents which recorded the missions to Palestine of Egyptian emissaries, first born sons who were taken from their families by Pharaoh, educated in Egypt and then sent back as messengers such as Isaiah, Eli and Moses, the so-called prophets. According to Josephus the Jews believed in the imminent resurrection or reincarnation of the Prophets and their return to Palestine to save the people. These superstitions became a political tool which was used by a tribe of Bedouin Arabs, the Hasmodians or Maccabees who wanted to gain power themselves, as a basis to ignite campaign of terror which eventually lead to an all out civil war.


Starting out as bandits Mattathias and his sons Judas Maccabeeus, Jonathan, Simon and John robbed and murdered the local populous and terrorised the highways. In order to do this with impunity they characterised their banditry as a campaign of defiance and liberation struggle, so they staged publicity stunts such as refusing to sacrifice to the Gods and toppled altars and destroyed shrines, which were being used for the worship of Zeus. The 1st Book of Maccabees indicates that Judas himself originally worshiped Zeus-Ourios, Baal-Shamen or Shamu, because he called upon his god by raising his arms in the air in the manner of the pagans, which is the manner of worship appropriate for this god as described by Eusebius in Perperation for the Gospel Book 1, thus; “they stretched out their hands to heaven towards the sun; for him alone (he says) they regarded as god the lord of heaven, calling him Beelsamen, which is in the Phoenician language "lord of heaven," and in Greek "Zeus,"” whereas the temple was originally dedicated to Elyon the Most High God, so his actions were not religious but political since they contradicted his own beliefs.


Since the practise of circumcision, which had been introduced to the land by the Egyptians, was considered barbaric the civilised people refused to follow it. The Maccabees wishing the support of local clergy sympathetic to Egypt because of the money they made from circumcision decided that circumcision must be maintained, so they kidnapped children from their families and forcibly circumcised them. Naturally this sparked outrage in the Syrian government and the Maccabees and their supporters were sought out and hanged to set an example to others that their war against civilisation would not be tolerated.


Eventually the Maccabees captured Jerusalem and forced all the Phoenician, Syrian, Arab, and Egyptian inhabitants to accept their rule or face death. Judas was then made High Priest, even though he was not of the priestly line, and desecrated the alter of Zeus in the temple replacing it with an altar to the Arab God Orotalt, Allah or El who was worshiped with ivy wreathed wands in the manner of Dionysus (2Ma 10:7) and syncretised him with Elyon. The Jews living in Egypt at this time had already been branded with the Ivy Leaf mark of Dionysus by Ptolemy Philopater to show that they were permitted into the mysteries, therefore the institution of the worship of Dionysus by Judas Maccabee can be seen as an act of allegiance with Egypt.


Judas sought to make an alliance with the Romans in order to keep hold of power so needed to stake a prior claim to the land. This he did by concocting the Bible which was a compilation of all the local creation myths, ancestry tales and legends of the kings who ruled over Jerusalem and Samaria from the point of view of the Egyptians since all the texts it was based on originated from Egypt. In order to bind them all together he created a common narrative and made all the kings irrespective of origin decedents of each other thus creating and unbroken line from Adam to himself. The main chronology was derived form the annals of the Egyptians and Tyrians which the Greeks had recently translated and placed in the Library of Alexandria and thus the story of the writing of the Septuagint was created as well. 


Thus was born the Pentateuch, the first 5 Books of Moses. After years of grave robbing the Maccabee kings had discovered the existence of the previous inhabitants of the land and thus an extinct Indo-European people the Ioudai, the last people to rule the land before the Babylonians and Persians made a perfect choice to use as ancestors since dead people can’t defend themselves.


Presenting this forgery to the Romans the Maccabees were able to gain an alliance. The same method was also used to gain an alliance with the Spartans who the Maccabees claimed were descended from Abraham. The only possible way for such a link to have been suggested would have been through the tribe of Dan being linked with the Danaioi.


The square script that the Jewish Bible is written in today, “Jewish Script” did not come into existence until Hellenistic times, and is a derivative of Aramaic Script which itself derives from Phoenician Script. Jewish Script bares no resemblance to the script misleadingly termed “Old Hebrew Script” which is almost identical to normal Phoenician script dating back to 1000 BC. The so called “Old Hebrew Script” became extinct in 400 BC and was replaced by “Samaritan Script” which itself become extinct early in the first century. “Jewish Script” derives from neither of these but is a descendent of Aramaic script and thus suggests that the people who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls were Syrian in origin.


At this point there was no distinct religious content in the Bible. There was no mention of any of the Gods such as YHWH, Elohim, El , Shaddai, Elyon, Adonai and Tseboath who appear in the Hebrew Massoretic Text today but instead the original names of the historical persons who were involved in the historical narrative such the Pharaohs of Egypt were written as they were in the original historical texts.


The Bible was nothing more than a chronology of Egyptian tyranny over Palestine from the point of view of the Egyptians, from which the populous had been struggling to free themselves for centuries. If it had been written from the point of view of the kings of Israil and Ioudia and their descendents why would it continually insult them.


After the bible was written its authors and poets influenced by the works of Homer sought to increase its popularity by inserting the names of the Phoenician Gods who the majority of the populous worshiped, in the place of the names of the Egyptian Pharaohs and other key protagonists and when natural forces acted.


Composite terms such as YHWH Elohim referred to ancient Phoenician mythology where the Elohim were the Gods allied with El when he fought his father for the kingship, thus they meant to say that YHWH was of the Elohim where the Elohim were the allies of El. This form of title YHWH Elohim is similar to the term used by Herodotus to refer to Darius when he was Pharaoh of Egypt, which in Greek becomes Kudos Basileus (Great King) and means nothing more than King of Kings. The kings in this instance being the Elohim.


Over the course of time the biblical text and narrative evolved and was altered for political reasons so that when the Romans conquered Palestine in 65BC the Jews, inhabitants of Judea, so called after Judas Maccabee, had turned the bible into a religious text in order to preserve their independence by removing almost all the references to Pharaoh’s name and concealing it with YHWH the title of the former kings of the land and the Phoenician Sea God Yam who had once ruled the land and was the patron God of the city of Jerusalem which Judas Maccabee made his capital. Only the old Priests knew what YHWH really meant and they took the secret with them to their graves.


By the time of Herod the Greek version of the text was dominant and in this version all of the Phoenician Gods names Yah, Elohim, El , Shaddai, Elyon, Adonai and Tseboath had been replaced by the Greek word Theos or by Kyrios Theos. This coupled with the fact that when the Roman General Pompey found the Jewish temple completely deserted of all figures when he entered it led to the creation of monotheism. Josephus shows us that them priests from the time of the Maccabees onwards were nothing more that a terrorist mafia rather than the protectors of the memory of the Gods.


The bible made out that the subjects of the Maccabees were all from the same stock, even though this was not true, in order to create a unifying national identity. This is what led to the distain held against the Jews by almost everybody, and mostly by the Egyptians, since they all knew what the Maccabee “Jews” real origins were and that they had no relation to their alleged ancestors in the bible who were all prior inhabitants of the land and Egyptian vassals. The Mittani whose identity was plagiarized to form the chronology of the middle part of Genesis, were still extant in the time of Herodotus, so the deception was obvious.


The Book of Jeremiah which describes a proclamation of Pharaoh Necho II surrendering his lands in Syria-Palestine to Nebuchadneser shows Necho II characterised as the Lord God of Israil. His territory includes Tyre and Moab which clearly never followed and form of any “Jehovah” cult but were Egyptian vassals at the time, as we are told by the Bible itself, when Necho defeated Josias, 2 Kings 23:29 and by Herodotus, 2.159.1.


Why would a real God surrender his people to Nebuchadneser and order them to obey him on pain of death, at the same time Necho is known to have signed away Egyptian vassals to the same Babylonian king, unless Pharaoh and “god” were one and the same.


2Kings and Jeremiah (Bible LXX)

2Kings 24:7  And the king of Egypt came no more out of his land: for the king of Babylon took away all that belonged to the king of Egypt from the river of Egypt as far as the river Euphrates.


Jeremiah 27:2  (34:2) Thus said the Lord; Make to thyself bonds and yokes, and put them about thy neck,

27:3  (34:3) and thou shalt send them to the king of Idumea, and to the king of Moab, and to the king of the children of Ammon, and to the king of Tyre, and to the king of Sidon, by the hands of their messengers that come to meet them at Jerusalem to Sedekias king of Juda.

27:4  (34:4) And thou shalt commission them to say to their lords, Thus said the Lord God of Israel; Thus shall ye say to your lords;

27:5  (34:5) I have made the earth by my great power, and with my high arm, and I will give it to whomsoever it shall seem good in mine eyes.

27:6  (34:6) I gave the earth to Nabuchodonosor king of Babylon to serve him, and the wild beasts of the field to labour for him.


27:8  (34:8) And the nation and kingdom, all that shall not put their neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, with sword and famine will I visit them, saith the Lord, until they are consumed by his hand.

27:9  (34:9) And hearken ye not to your false prophets, nor to them that divine to you, nor to them that foretell events by dreams to you, nor to your auguries, nor your sorcerers, that say, Ye shall by no means work for the king of Babylon:

27:10  (34:10) for they prophesy lies to you, to remove you far from your land.

27:11  (34:11) But the nation which shall put its neck under the yoke of the king of Babylon, and serve him, I will even leave it upon its land, and it shall serve him, and dwell in it.

27:12 ¶ (34:12) I spoke also to Sedekias king of Juda according to all these words, saying, Put your neck into the yoke, and serve the king of Babylon.


The bible turned the tyranny of the Pharaohs over Palestine into a religion of one god once the text had rendered the names of all the Great Kings as Theos or Kyrios Theos in Greek. This god since he was a combination of all the Pharaohs had the character of a schizophrenic tyrant, that unlike the Gods of the Greeks and Romans, demanded complete obedience and tribute in order to pacify him.


The Maccebee’s and their descendents succeeded in perpetrating the greatest deception and falsification of history ever achieved and forced the people of Palestine to accept by proxy the tyranny of the Pharaohs which they had been struggling for generations to escape from by making Pharaoh into their god, which was something the Pharaohs never accomplished in their own lifetimes.


So how did they do it?


When the Macedonian Greeks ruled Egypt, Babylon and Syria-Palestine all of the knowledge of the land was translated into Greek and placed in the library of Alexandria in the reign of Ptolemy Philadelphos.


From Herodotus we know that Syria-Palestine was inhabited primarily by Arabs, Syrians and Phoenicians and the religion which was practised there was that of the ancient Canaanites.


The city-state of Jerusalem was a centre of the worship of the Canaanite God Yam (Jehovah) as was Samaria. Jerusalem’s priests would have kept a record of the history of the city and this would have included details of is past kings from Roboam to Godolias. Samaria’s priests would have done the same and recorded the details of the past kings from Ieroboam to Osie. These histories would have also included the kings or governors who reigned before Roboam and Ieroboam and those after Godolias and Osie which would have covered the 2000 years which the Canaanites had been present in the land. All of these were available in the Library of Alexandra from about 260 BC.  


When the Maccabees conquered Jerusalem and then moved on to take the cities around it they wanted to unify the land and its people around them so they took the extant historical records and manipulated them to create a Judean identity. A possible way in which they did this is shown in the table below.


History of the Bible


Real History

Mythical Version




1800-1600 BC

The Hurrians become kings of Babylon with Agum as their first king after migrating from Asia-Minor

Adam is created by Elohim and is expelled from paradise


The Hyksos, European Cavalry Men take control of Egypt after being expelled from Europe by the Achaeans and make their capital in Avaris

Greek: The Battle of the Gods and Titans takes place in Greece.

Greek: The Athenians defeat the Atlantians

Bible: The Naphalim (cloud people) come among men.


The Thera volcano erupts in the Aegean destroying early Greek civilisation in a maga-tsunami and causes major climatic change.

Greek: Typhon is defeated by Zeus and  imprisoned under a volcano

Greek: Atlantis is destroyed by a tidal wave.

Bible: Noah’s flood takes place in order to destroy the Nephalim and their offspring


The Mittani Hittites rule Syria-Palestine

Age of the biblical patriarchs


The Hyksos are expelled from Egypt

Noah’s sons move to Mesopotamia.


Amenhotep III makes a political alliance with Artatama king of the Mittani by agreeing to marry a Mittani princess.

Abram takes Sara (princess) to Egypt and prostitutes her to Pharaoh.

Abram makes a covenant with god and becomes Abraham


A 9 year long famine occurs in Egypt in the reign of Horemheb

Greek: Herakles escapes Egypt after being taken for sacrifice when a famine looms.

Bible: Joseph predicts a famine will occur and after 9 years Jacob settles in Egypt.


The Sea Peoples reek havoc in Egypt and are expelled after 13 years.

Moses brings plague upon Egypt


Seti II is murdered by Bey his Syrain butler and Sipta comes to the throne

Greek: The Trojen War begins

Bible: The so-called Exodus takes place


Ramses III defeats the Sea People and sacks cities in Palestine

God gives Jericho to Joshua


Assur-Risilim is king of Assyria

Period of the Judges


Sheshonq sacks Palestine

Shishak sacks Jerusalem in the reign of Roboam


Shalmaneser III takes tribute from Yahua the son of Khumri

Ahaab king of Israil dies in battle


Mesha the son of Kemosh king of Moab destroys the line of Omri king of Israil who reigns 40 years and his son Yahweh.

Iou destroys the line of Omri in both Israil and Ioudia


Matten the high priest of Tyre dies and is succeeded by Pygmalion who is still a child

Ioas who is still a child is made king in 843 after Matten the high priest is assassinated in the temple


Shalmaneser V lays siege to Tyre and dies

Shalmaneser V lays siege to Samaria and carries off Israil.


Senacherib is defeated by Pharaoh on his 3rd campaign against the Hittites. A total Solar Eclipse is witnessed in Palestine.

Ezikias is delivered from Senecherib by god. The shadow on the sundial moves forwarded and back be 10 degrees in a matter of seconds.


Deioces (Ameneses) is made king of the Medes as a child and rules 53 years

Manesses (Ameneses) becomes king of Ioudia as a child and rules 55 years


Neubchadneser takes Tyre after an 11 year siege

Necho in defeat gives his vassals in Palestine to Neubchadneser

Neubchadneser takes Jerusalem in his 19th year.

Jeremiah states that God hands over Palestine and its people to Neubchadneser


Cyrus defeats the Medes and Tyrians



The Library of Alexandria is filled will every known texts.

The Septuagint in placed in the Library of Alexandria according to Josephus


The bible is created in Palestine based on the Septuagint

The Maccabee rebellion begins


The Romans conquer Palestine and the dead sea scrolls are written.

The religion of Judaism is invented.

Herod builds his Temple to god.

4 BC

Apollonius of Tyanna is born.

Jesus is born

29 AD

An eclipse takes place in the Autumn

Jesus is crucified


The Jewish rebellion takes place.

The temple of Herod is destroyed.

The apostles preach Christianity to the Greeks and Romans


Once the real history of the region had been dissembled by the Maccabees the Canaanite Gods were introduced into it in the place of historical figures in the same that that they were in Homers Iliad and Odyssey which would have been widely available at the time. This created a mythical pseudo-religious history, which formed the basis of the Old Testament. Since Yam was the primary God of Jerusalem he played a key role in this mythical history.


When the history was translated into Greek the names of seven Canaanite Gods were all syncretised or merged into one giving rise to the Jewish religion as it is known today. New mythical texts were still being written in the first century AD including the Books of Enoch and Noah and new beliefs were being incorporated. This laid the basis of Messianic Judaism where within a century of the Old Testament being created the Jews started to believe that their mythical prophets would be reincarnated and return to save them. From this the religion of Christianity evolved from the deification of a crucified Jew who had managed to escape death on the cross, merged with the Neo-Platonist teachings of Apollonius of Tyana and eventually went on to become the dominant religion.


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